Landmarks in the Approach is a collection in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Discover all landmarks in the Western Approach.

Acquisition Edit

Automatically obtained when any landmark is found.

Walkthrough Edit

There are 15 landmarks to find. Initially, 12 can be accessed:

  • The Lost Idol - an idol deep in the Oasis Cave, west of the Lost Spring Canyon Camp
  • The Shortcut - climb the ladder across the Oasis Cave
  • Lamarr Tower - square-shaped ruins south of the Oasis Cave, with an oculara in them
  • The Surveyor - abandoned mining equipment south-west of the Oasis Cave
  • Ritual Tower - a Tevinter structure standing on separate a rocky pillar south of the Craggy Ridge Camp, west of the Nazaire's Pass Camp and south-west of the Oasis Cave
    (needed for the Here Lies the Abyss quest; will unlock the Fortress Squatters quest)
  • Griffon Wing Monument - a griffon monument outside the Nazaire's Pass Camp
  • Shimmer Stone Mine - a mine south-east of the Nazaire's Pass Camp
  • Zhores Tower - square-shaped ruins halfway between the Oasis Cave and the Craggy Ridge Camp
  • Hidden Stairway - climb down the stairway leading to the Abyssal Rift near the Craggy Ridge Camp
  • Tersoro Tower - square-shaped ruins north of the Craggy Ridge Camp
  • The Old Well - go to the Griffon Wing Keep north-east of the Craggy Ridge Camp and enter the Outpost Well cave south of it
  • Gates of Andoral - huge locked Tevinter gates east of the Griffon Wing Keep, north-east of the Craggy Ridge Camp

Find the Source of Darkspawn and go through Coracavus to reach:

  • Echoback Fort - inside the old Tevinter fort south-east of the Echo Back Canyon Camp
  • Gates of Toth - huge locked Tevinter gates south-east of the Echoback Fort

Complete Crossing the Sulphur Pits to reach:

  • The Thing in the Dark - an idol in the cave east of the Griffon Wing Keep, north-east of the Craggy Ridge Camp, slightly south of the Gates of Andoral

Notes Edit

An additional cross named "The Last Step" will appear on the map if you go through the cave inside the Echoback Fort to the astrarium and jump down. However, there is no landmark to claim, and the text named "The Last Step" will be actually shown upon claiming the Echoback Fort.

Rewards Edit

  • 120 Influence
  • 2 Power

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Ritual Tower

Other Descriptions Edit

The Lost Idol Edit

Note: The description of the landmark:

The relief carvings on this slab depict worshippers of Razikale, Old God of mysteries, engaged in a religious ceremony.

Note: A note lying next to the idol, not included in the Codex:

Faded Journal

We know they were here. They put up those awful statues of Andraste looking snobbish everywhere they go - not much of a secret location. We know they found a way to reverse Tranquility, but so far, nothing we've uncovered has told us how they did it.
I hate that statue. She just keeps sneering at me.

The Shortcut Edit

Scratched into the wood is the following message:

Can i get you a ladder to get off my back?

Lamarr Tower Edit

Senior Warden Lamarr, hero of the Second Battle of Forward Pass, held back three charges of darkspawn during the critical Long Night of the Second Blight and lost her life in service to Thedas.

— From the Grey Warden archives at Weisshaupt

The Surveyor Edit

This mining equipment has been abandoned for a very long time. Not even the scavengers have disturbed it.

Griffon Wing Monument Edit

In honor of the Wings of Adamant, the brave griffons who gave their lives in service to keep the Blight at bay.
In war, victory. In peace, vigilance. In death, sacrifice.

Shimmer Stone Mine Edit

Note: The description of the landmark:

The ground here trembles slightly underfoot.

Note: A note lying nearby, not included in the Codex:

Ancient Warden Logbook

So close. We nearly reached him. Made it down to what looked like a dwarven thaig where the song was actually audible, real and thrumming through the air, not just in our heads. It rattled through the lyrium pillars and shook the earth beneath our feet to its dreadful tempo. We lost thirty men in the last cave-in, and the Warden-Commander is abandoning the mission. I tried to argue for one last push, but the rock is too unstable down there. Well have to find another Archdemon somewhere more solid.

Zhores Tower Edit

Warden Zhores, commander of the defense of Adamant Fortress during the Long Night of the Second Blight, gave his life in battle against a hurlock alpha.

— From the Grey Warden archives at Weisshaupt

Hidden Stairway Edit

The stairway is extremely old and weathered. Its boards bear subtle gouges where clawed feet have tread. There are no indications of who built it or for what purpose.

Tersoro Tower Edit

Warden-commander Tersoro, slayer of over a hundred genlocks, gave her life in defense of the Abyssal Rift at the start of the Long Night of the Second Blight.

— From the Grey Warden archives at Weisshaupt

The Old Well Edit

This ancient cistern stinks like rotting meat.

Gates of Andoral Edit

Engraved on this gate are symbols of Andoral, Old God of slavery.

The Last Step Edit

Note: This is the description of the Echoback Fort landmark

A fragment of an inscription remains on one of the stones. It reads:

"...last step of civilization before the abyss..."

Gates of Toth Edit

This gate is carved with symbols of Toth, the Old God of fire.

The Thing in the Dark Edit

This statue is oddly warm to the touch and shivers slightly, as though it might have a pulse.