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Lady Helmi is the matriarch of House Helmi. She is encountered in the Royal Palace at the The Nobles' Feast in the Dwarf Noble Origin.

Background Edit

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for Dragon Age: Origins.

As matriarch of her noble house, Lady Helmi works to defend her family's interests, both political and financial. She attends the feast celebrating King Endrin's second child's first military commission, serving as House Helmi's representative during the royal's presentation to the nobility of Orzammar.

Should the Dwarf Noble hear out Lord Ronus Dace's request during the Dwarf Noble Origin, Lady Helmi will inform the Dwarf Noble of Lord Dace's true intentions. She has a son, Lord Denek Helmi, who serves as her house's deshyr in the Assembly. Lady Helmi is displeased with her son's ideas on equality and willingness to associate with lower castes: She is more concerned with her house's fortune than the plight of the lower castes and surfacers.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Ronus Dace, he uncovered Lady Helmi's plans to use orphan children as forced labor for her house.

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