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Lady Dace is a member of House Dace and the deshyr representative of her house in the Orzammar Assembly. Her father is Lord Anwer Dace, the house's patriarch.

Background Edit

As her family's representative, Lady Dace represents her house's interests in the Assembly. She is one of only eighty deshyrs, making her responsible for electing the next King of Orzammar. Her father seems to have a great deal of trust in her abilities, as she not only serves House Dace as deshyr, but also manages its affairs and political alliances in his absence.

Involvement Edit

Splr dao
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for Dragon Age: Origins.
Should the Warden assist Bhelen Aeducan in taking the throne, they will have to deliver uncovered promissory notes as evidence to Lady Dace that a bribe of land Lord Harrowmont had paid to her house in exchange for her vote had also been promised to House Helmi (or the warden can take them to the Shaperate where they are proven to be forged). Lady Dace will instantly recognize the betrayal and will be more than willing to switch allegiances, but will be unable to do so, as House Dace's patriarch and her father, Lord Anwer Dace, is the only one with the authority to approve such a decision, and he is currently on an expedition in the Deep Roads. To ensure House Dace's support of Bhelen, the player will have to journey into the Deep Roads to Aeducan Thaig using a map Lady Dace provides and show the promissory notes to Lord Anwer himself.

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