Korth's Might is a warrior ability for Amund in Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer.

Information Edit

  • Damage: 180% weapon damage
  • Cooldown time: 10 seconds
  • Cost: 15 stamina

If charged with an elemental affect Korth's Might will have an additional effect.

Fire SmashEdit

Ico SkyW Korth Fire
  • 50% Weapon damage per second
  • Inflicts Burning
    • Burning Duration: 4 seconds

Ico SkyW Korth Ice

Ice SmashEdit

    • Inflicts Chill
    • Chill Duration: 4 seconds
    • Generates Guard per enemy: 10%

Electric SmashEdit

Ico SkyW Korth Elec
  • Inflicts Shocked
    • Shocked Duration: 4 seconds

Upgrade Edit

Ico SkyW Korth Elemental Affinity
Duration: 24 seconds
Requires: Korth's Might
You gain a temporary benefit after using Korth's Might, depending on what element you struck with.

Armor reduction: 20%

Notes Edit

  • The name of this ability refers to Korth, the Mountain-Father, one of the Avvar deities.

Gallery Edit