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Kordillus Drakon II was the second emperor of Orlais. He succeeded his father Kordillus Drakon who died of old age in 1:45 Divine.[1]

Background Edit

Kordillus II succeeded to the throne in the middle of the Second Blight. Unlike his father, he did little to strengthen anyone's position in the face of the darkspawn hordes, and by the time the Blight came to an end, entire villages had been destroyed and many lives lost.[2] He didn’t possess the political savvy of his father either, and 20 years into his rule, the Anderfels declared its independence. However, while Orlais steadily lost territory, the Chantry continued to spread rapidly, aided by the Grey Wardens as the Second Blight wound down.[3][4] In one of his last acts as Emperor, Kordillus II aided Divine Renata in the destruction of the Dales during the Exalted March, in spite of his father's close friendship with the elven Inquisitor Ameridan.[5] Despite his failings as a ruler, Kordillus II remained in power well into old age, with a reign of over 60 years.

After he passed away at a very old age, Kordilius II was succeeded by Empress Jeaneve I.

References Edit

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