Knight-Commander is a title granted to the second highest-ranking officer of the Templar Order. Every Andrastian Circle in Thedas has a Knight-Commander to lead the templars residing within.

Background Edit

Knight-Commanders living in Circles work closely with First Enchanters, they oversee apprentice mages taking their Harrowing and can suggest the Right of Annulment to the Chantry when they feel it is necessary.

If they decide that a threat takes priority over watching the mages, Knight-Commanders have the power to send templars serving under them away from their Circle tower to defend a nation or city against invaders. The duties and level of power of those residing in the open world are unknown. However, Knight-Commander Tavish states it is in their power to conduct their own Exalted Marches if they deem it appropriate.

A Knight-Captain, though lower-ranking, has the authority to relieve a Knight-Commander of duty if they overstep their bounds. The same right is held by Divine and Grand Clerics who may act on the suggestions of the order of the Seekers of Truth.

Known Knight-Commanders Edit

Note: If the Right of Annulment was invoked at Kinloch Hold, Cullen is allegedly promoted to the rank of the Knight-Commander according to the epilogue of Dragon Age: Origins. This is revealed to be only rumour in Dragon Age 2.

Codex entries Edit

Ico codex entry Codex entry: Knight-Commander Greagoir
Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: Knight-Commander Meredith

See also Edit

Ico helm massive Knight-Commander's HelmKnight-Commander's Helm
Massive helmet
Varies (Tier 1-7)
Requires: 22 strength

Armor: 1.5
Fatigue: 3%
+5 physical resistance
Ico armor massive Knight Commander's PlateKnight Commander's Plate
Massive chestpiece
Silverite (Tier 6)
Requires: 39 strength

Armor: 18.90
Fatigue: 27.50%
+5 willpower
+40% spell resistance
+10 mental resistance
Ico shield kitemetal Knight-Commander's ShieldKnight-Commander's Shield
Kite shield
Varies (Tier 1-7)
Requires: 18 strength

Fatigue: 3.20%
Strength modifier: 1.00
FereldanOfficerLongbowIcon Knight-Commander LongbowKnight-Commander Longbow
Rare Bow
Requires: Level 18

Damage: 132–137
+20 Damage vs. Demons
+15% Armor Penetration
+27% Guard Damage Bonus
Magehunter icon MagehunterMagehunter
Unique Shield
The third time the Right of Annulment was invoked on a Circle of Magi, in 3:09 Towers, Knight-Commander Gervasio of Antiva killed all of the city's mages for demonic possession. However, a massacre may have already occurred at the hands of Knight-Captain Nicolas, with the Right invoked as cover-up. The Seekers of Truth later apprehended Ser Nicholas, who had left the order to kill mages and admitted to having murdered over a hundred.
Requires: Level 17

Armor: 29
+30% Front Defense
+12% Magic Defense
+8% Spirit Resistance
On hit: gain 3 guard

References Edit

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