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Key to the City is a ring in Dragon Age: Origins.

Acquisition Edit

Quest reward for The Key to the City, for gaining a greater understanding of dwarven culture after finding codex entries in the following locations:
Ico Area Map Orzammar Hall of Heroes – find commission report
Ico Area Map Orzammar Commons – find document on bridge to proving grounds
Ico Area Map Orzammar Proving – find writ of censure in fighter's area
Ico Area Map Orzammar Diamond Quarter – find council writ behind doors to commons
Ico Area Map Dust Town – find assembly directive in niche

Once you complete the quest, you may find your reward in the Assembly Cache in the Chamber of the Assembly entry area.

Bugs Edit

  • pcIcon pcUnfortunately, there is a serious bug effectively rendering the +X% to healing effects received modifier totally useless. See +X% to healing effects received bug for details.

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