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The Kennel Master cares for the mabari hounds at the King's Camp at Ostagar.

Involvement Edit

Main article: The Mabari Hound

If The Warden is anything other than a human noble, the Kennel Master asks for the Warden's assistance in muzzling a sick hound and obtaining a flower from the Korcari Wilds to treat the dog. If the Warden brings the Kennel Master the flower before completing the Joining, he'll offer to have the hound imprinted to the Warden after the battle.

If the Warden is a human noble, the Kennel Master does not ask for assistance, telling the Warden he is busy looking after the kennels and that half the dogs are sick from taking in darkspawn blood. While in the Korcari Wilds, if the Warden examines one of the flowers, Daveth mentions the Kennel Master was asking for volunteers to retrieve the flower for a reward. If the Warden returns to the kennels before the Joining, the Kennel Master offers 20DAO silverpiece trans as a reward but can be bribed for a total of 50DAO silverpiece trans.

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