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Keenan is a Grey Warden found in the Silverite Mine.

Background Edit

He was part of the Orlesian Grey Wardens who came to Ferelden. He was captured by darkspawn and the Dragon-Tamer broke his leg. He claims to be the sole survivor of the attack at Vigil's Keep.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.
Keenan informs the Warden-Commander that these darkspawn are being led by an emissary who is very cunning and fascinated with the Grey Wardens. Keenan will also remember the Warden-Commander if the latter is Orlesian. Before dying, he also asks something of the Commander. Keenan wants a ring to be returned to Nida, his wife. Afterwards, Keenan succumbs to his wounds and the quest Last Wishes is activated.

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