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This page contains a list of situational dialogue and conversations Katari has with other characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer.

Katari's remarks Edit

  • (Fallen) Don't let them win.
  • (Revived) I should be helping you!
  • (Revived) You shouldn't have to do this.
  • (Upon receiving a targeted enemy event) Come out, come out, wherever you are!
  • (Upon completing an event) Job done. Let's go.
  • (Low health) My wounds could probably use something.

Katari and Cillian Edit

  • Katari: This Inquisition must be desperate, recruiting the way they do. Just look at us!
  • Cillian: There is a common threat. It is not so strange.


  • Katari: Ever fought a wyvern? I did once. Sold the head for good money, too.
  • Cillian: I’m impressed – they are great beasts.


  • Katari: I’ll be happy if I never see a demon again after this.  
  • Cillian: I can understand that.  


  • Cillian: I once dreamed of seeing places like this.
  • Katari: Then you got out of your cave, and decided to make it a reality! I respect that. 


  • Cillian: Being with the Inquisition has opened my eyes to how little I truly understood the world before.
  • Katari: I don’t think I feel like I'll ever truly understand anything.  


  • Cillian: Did anyone try that ham they had at camp yesterday?
  • Katari: No. But now I'm curious. 

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