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This Inquisition must be desperate, recruiting the way they do. Just look at us.

The Katari (lit. "One who brings death" in Qunlat) is a Tal-Vashoth mercenary fighting for the Inquisition, and one of the player-controlled protagonists in Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer.

Background Edit

Katari was once a member of the Antaam[1], but he became disillusioned with the Qun after spending a great deal of time living in human lands. After fleeing from his commanders, however, he found it difficult to find his own way after years of being forced to follow orders. Like many who have left the Qun, Katari made use of the fighting skills learned under the Qun and became a mercenary for hire. He joined the Inquisition when it sent out the call for able-bodied soldiers.

Involvement Edit

Katari is involved in various war table operations. He can also sometimes be seen on the battlements at Skyhold with two other agents, near where Cullen is stationed. He can't be spoken to however.

He is also available as a selectable playable character in Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer.

Initial equipment Edit

Weapons DAI-greatswordicon2-common Inquisition GreatswordInquisition Greatsword
Common Greatsword

Damage: 58 AoE
+6% Attack
Armor Defender Mail Icon Katari's HideKatari's Hide
Common Heavy Armor

Armor: 76
+2% Melee Defense

Abilities Edit

Since patch 6 the Katari has increased starting health and generates guard on hit.
Note: click expand to see the full list of abilities
Note: Not all of these abilities have the same preceding requirements as in single player.

Onslaught Edit

Onslaught Skill Set

Onslaught Skill Set

Charging Bull Charging Bull
Activation: 5 stamina per sec
Cooldown: 8s
You slam into enemies, increasing your guard and knocking them down as you break through their lines.
Charging Bull Gore and Trample
Requires: Charging Bull
After you finish your charge, your next ability costs no stamina.

Next ability costs no stamina
Mighty Blow (Inquisition) Mighty Blow
Activation: 50 stamina
Cooldown: 16s
Requires: A two-handed weapon
You deliver a powerful attack that crumples foes, leaving them knocked down for a short time.
Mighty Blow (Inquisition) Easy Target
Requires: Mighty Blow
Might Blow costs less stamina and deals increased damage against targets that have been knocked down.

Cost reduction: 15 stamina
Damage bonus: 300%
Clear a Path Clear a Path
Passive Hitting multiple targets with a single swing of your weapon restores your stamina for each extra target.

Stamina restored: 10%
Strength + 3
Pommel Strike (Inquisition) Pommel Strike
Activation: 35 stamina
Cooldown: 20s
Requires: A two-handed weapon
You lash out with a fast strike that briefly stuns your target.
Pommel Strike (Inquisition) Lightning Jab
Requires: Pommel Strike
Pommel Strike hits harder and faster.

Cost reduction: 15 stamina
Damage bonus: 300%
Scenting Blood inq icon Grisly Mutilation
Passive Killing an enemy has a chance to cause fear in nearby enemies

Fear Chance: 20%
Strength +3
Warrior's Resolve Warrior's Resolve
Passive You fight all the harder when you're hurting, gaining Stamina when you lose health.

Stamina restored: 10% for every 10% Health lost
Constitution + 3
Relentless icon Relentless
Passive The Katari was bred to kill, as he demonstrates with overwhelming physical prowess.

Cunning + 4
Strength + 3
Constitution +2
Coup de Grace Coup de Grace
Passive You deal more damage against enemies that are stunned or knocked down. Better them than you.

Damage bonus: 30%
Strength + 3
Flow of Battle Flow of Battle
Passive Every critical hit reduces the cooldown times on your abilities, giving you the edge to finish off your enemy.

Cooldown reduction: 1 second
Shield Breaker Shield Breaker
Passive Your critical hits crack armor and rend shields, sundering your enemy's armor for a short time.

Armor reduction: 20%
Strength + 3
Whirlwind (Inquisition) Whirlwind
Activation: 10 stamina
Cooldown: 24s
Requires: A two-handed weapon
You spin with your weapon outstretched, cutting through any enemies in your path.
Whirlwind (Inquisition) Rising Winds
Requires: Whirlwind
Whirlwind becomes more effective the longer you sustain it.

Damage bonus per rotation: 15%
Throatcutter inq icon Opportunist
Passive You have a greater chance of scoring a critical hit when attacking from behind.

Critical Hit Chance: 10%
Cunning + 3
Earthshaking Strike Earthshaking Strike
Size: 12m
Activation: 50 stamina
Cooldown: 20s
Requires: A two-handed weapon
Your great blow tears open the ground with a shockwave that batters enemies caught in its path.
Earthshaking Strike Shattered Ground
Requires: Earthshaking Strike
Flames erupt from the fissure left by Earthshaking Strike, damaging enemies that cross it.

Duration: 8 seconds
Burning: 20% weapon damage per second
Burning duration: 8 seconds
Scenting Blood inq icon Scenting Blood
Range: 10m
Requires: Fervor
Being near a badly wounded enemy spurs you into a frenzy, driving you to move faster and giving you a better chance of striking deadly blows.

Health Threshold: 35%
Speed Bonus: 50%
Critical Hit Chance Bonus: 10%
Constitution +3
Fervor inq icon Fervor
Range: 10m
Duration: 5s
Requires: Ring of Pain
When an enemy dies near you, the thrill of death spurs you to hit that much harder.

Damage Bonus: +30%
Duration: 5 seconds
Strength +3
Gaps in the Armor inq icon Piercing Blows
Passive Your attacks ignore a portion of your target's armor.

Armor Penetration: 25%
Strength + 3
Blood Frenzy inq icon Blood Frenzy
Requires: Ring of Pain
They thought you'd get weaker once they wounded you. They were wrong.

Damage Bonus: 5% for each 10% missing health
Strength +3

Tactics Edit

Tactics Skill Set

Tactics Skill Set

Block and Slash Block and Slash
Activation: 10 stamina
Upkeep: 5 stamina per second
Requires: A two-handed weapon
You stand ready to deflect the next incoming attack and deliver a punishing counter to your attacker.
Block and Slash Flawless Defense
Requires: Block and Slash
Countering an enemy's attack now does bonus damage and adds to your guard.

Damage bonus: 50%
Guard amount: 15%
Grappling Chain Grappling Chain
Activation: 10 stamina
Cooldown: 12s
With a hooked chain and a lot of muscle, you drag your target into arm's reach.
Grappling Chain Give Them the Boot
Requires: Grappling Chain
After Grappling Chain drags an opponent to you, you stun them with a hard kick.

Damage: 200% weapon damage
Stun duration: 3 seconds
Adamant (Inquisition) Adamant
Requires: Bulwark
You've trained hard, and you know how to make the most of whatever armor you're wearing.

Armor Bonus: 20%
Constitution +3
Combat Roll Combat Roll
Activation: 20 stamina
Cooldown: 2s
You dive and roll to where the battle needs you to be, whether it's escaping from a group or moving to flank an opponent.
Combat Roll Roll with It
Requires: Combat Roll
You can now use Combat Roll to recover from most disabling conditions.

Removes most disabling conditions
Bear Mauls the Wolves Bear Mauls the Wolves
Passive Using techniques perfected by Orlesian chevaliers, you can't be flanked by enemies, and you're less likely to be staggered when hit from the front.

Enemies no longer receive a bonus for flanking damage
It'll Cost You It'll Cost You
Passive Any foe that attacks you in melee is going to bleed for it, taking a portion of the damage they inflict.

Damage returned: 50%
Strength + 3
Resilience inq icon Resilience
Requires: Line in the Sand
You don't flinch, don't blink, and don't back down. Enemies that hit you with melee attacks are staggered by recoil.

Stun Chance: 5%
Constitution +3
Hamstring Hamstring
Passive When you attack a target from behind, you leave them slowed.

Speed reduction: 50%
Strength + 3
Deep Reserves (Inquisition) Deep Reserves
Passive You get your breath back faster than most. When your stamina is very low, it regenerates more quickly.

Stamina generation rate bonus +50% when stamina below 50%
Crippling Blows Crippling Blows
Duration: 10s
You know how to take the fight out of foes. Your critical hits leave enemies weakened. The effect stacks.

Damage reduction: 15%
Terrifying fury icon Biggest Threat
Passive You make yourself the biggest target on the battlefield, the warrior no enemy can ignore.

Threat Increase: + 25%
Constitution +3
To the Death To the Death
Range: 15m
Activation: 35 stamina
Cooldown: 32s
Requires: Adamant
You taunt an enemy into a frenzy. Their damage output increases over time, but so does the damage they take. The effect ends if you get out of range.
To the Death En Garde
Requires: To the Death
While To the Death is active, your guard improves as your target takes damage and you correct weaknesses of your own.

Guard amount: 25%
Guard Smasher Guard-Smasher
Passive You've learned how to batter through your enemy's defenses, doing more damage to their guard with every hit.

Bonus damage vs. Guard: 100%
Challenge Challenge
Activation: 20 stamina
Duration: 8s
Cooldown: 16s
Your powerful shout carries across the battlefield, taunting a targeted enemy and improving your guard.
Challenge Throw the Gauntlet
Requires: Challenge
Successfully hitting a target with Challenge gets your blood pumping, temporarily increasing your stamina regeneration.

Bonus regeneration: 15 stamina per second
Cutting Words Cutting Words
Passive Your party does more damage to taunted targets as you rattle your enemies' nerves and goad them into mistakes that leave them open.

Damage bonus: 20%
Strength + 3
War Horn War Horn
Size: 8m
Activation: 10 stamina
Duration: 8s
Cooldown: 12s
Your war horn's blast puts fear into the hearts of your foes, leaving them panicked.
War Horn Break Their Spirit
Requires: War Horn
War Horn now shatters your enemy's guard, and panicked enemies are too shaken to defend themselves, leaving their armor sundered.

Armor reduction: 20%
Bonus damage vs. guard: 1,200%

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. Dragon Age logo - new Dragon Age: The World of Thedas, vol. 2, p. 266

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