The Lower Reaches form part of the once great dwarven thaig of Kal'Hirol.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest Last of the Legion
Ico Quest Golem's Might

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Notable items Edit

Inferno golem shell Inferno Golem ShellInferno Golem Shell
Plot item
This is a segment of the armor of an inferno golem. Damaging it is nearly impossible.
— source: looted from the Inferno golem
Ico staff Staff of the LostStaff of the Lost
Volcanic Aurum (Tier 9)
Requires: 46 magic

Damage: 7.20 (Physical)
Armor penetration: 50.00
+10 magic
+15% spirit resistance
+15 spellpower
+75 stamina
+50% spirit damage
— source: looted from The Lost
Ico belt Battlemage's CinchBattlemage's Cinch
Few mages have ever willingly removed this belt.

+5 willpower
+5 spellpower
— source: looted from The Lost

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Bug Edit

  • There is a chance that after the cut-scene the party will not automatically be in the circular chamber with The Lost and Inferno golem, i.e. be stuck outside, still in the long corridor. You cannot move into the room due to an invisible barrier at the entrance, because the event script has closed it off. The console runscript debug mode has no option to "teleport" the party into it. Solution is to initiate combat by targeting with a ranged weapon or spell. Stay in the corridor away from the golem's flame attacks and continue with spells and ranged weapons to kill The Lost first,. Then, attack the Inferno golem. If the golem comes near the doorway, use melee weapons. Once both are defeated, the event script will reopen the chamber, and you can then enter and loot the corpses.