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Kaddis 1

Kaddis concept art

Kaddis is a special "warpaint" that is used by mabari handlers so that the mabari can tell allies from enemies in the thick of battle. Different kinds of kaddis give different benefits to mabari. As with mabari collars, these benefits can be either offensive or defensive in nature.

Kaddis and collars take the place of equipment slots for Dog, who has a single slot for each. All kaddis adjust the mabari's appearance, adding various colors and designs to the fur. In the PC version of the game, only the Kaddis of the Trickster will alter Dog's appearance at low graphics settings, all the other option will simply show up as a line on its back. Kaddis requires 12 strength to equip, exception noted in table.

Mabari warpaint Edit

Name Enhancements Acquisition
Kaddis of Hakkon Wintersbreath +30% cold resistance Found in a chest in the kennel of Redcliffe Castle - Main Floor.
Kaddis of the Courser +2 dexterity Sold by Barlin at Dane's Refuge in Lothering for
3DAO goldpiece trans 56DAO silverpiece trans 20DAO bronzepiece trans.
Kaddis of the King's Hounds +30% nature resistance
Kaddis of the Lady of the Skies +30 physical resistance Found in a chest in the Templar Quarters of the Circle Tower.
Kaddis of the Mountain-Father +20% nature resistance
+20% spirit resistance
Sold by Herren at Wade's Emporium in Denerim.
Kaddis of the Siege-Breaker +30% fire resistance Sold by the Innkeeper in The Spoiled Princess.
Kaddis of the Trickster +3 damage Can be purchased from Alimar at the Alimar's Emporium in Dust Town. Also sold by Sandal in Witch Hunt.
Swiftrunner Warpaint
Requires: 10 strength
+2 dexterity
+2 damage
Found on a dead mabari during the Return to Ostagar DLC
Warpaint of the Tempest +30% electricity resistance Found in a chest in the kennel of Redcliffe Castle - Main Floor
Warpaint of the Vanguard +1/+2 stamina regeneration in combat Sold by Barlin at Dane's Refuge in Lothering.
Warpaint of the Waking Sea +0.25/+0.5 health regeneration in combat Can be purchased from Alarith at Alarith's Store in the Denerim Alienage. Also sold by Sandal in Witch Hunt.
Warpaint of the West Hills +9 defense Sold by Owen (upgraded stock) in Redcliffe.
Warpaint of the Wolfhound +4 damage vs. beasts Found in a chest within the Tower of Ishal. Also sold by Sandal in Witch Hunt.

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