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Justice unwillingly possesses Kristoff's dead body at the Blackmarsh after the Baroness returns the Warden and the spirit of Justice from the Blackmarsh Undying.

Walkthrough Edit

After killing the demon, Justice will be somewhat locked to your party until the confrontation between Aura and Justice at Vigil's Keep. Aura will be upset by the possession of Kristoff's body and leave. Justice will request aid in seeking out Aura at her house in the City of Amaranthine (which is a bug - Aura can be found in the back left room of the Chantry of our Lady Redeemer). Ensure that Justice is in the party.

  1. "I think so, yes." Approves (+10)
  2. "I don't think there is a right thing, here." Approves (+10)
  3. "Does it matter? Let's go." Disapproves (-3)

Notes Edit

  • The encounter with Aura can be completely avoided by walking back against the left wall until you reach Vigil's Keep - Throne Room if you wish to unlock Justice from the party.
  • The journal incorrectly states that you will find Aura at her home.

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