Judith is a noted Naturalist living in the Crestwood region of western Ferelden, just outside the Village of Crestwood proper.

Involvement Edit

Gauld is concerned about Judith's safety due to the Undead in Crestwood and requests someone investigate her home to see if she is safe. She endeavors to hunt a wyvern that almost crippled Gauld's young son. Even if she herself doesn't kill it, she at least hopes to get ahold its liver to produce potent rat poison.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI The Naturalist
Quest icon DAI Wyrm Hole


  • If spoken to before sealing the rift in the Flooded Caves, Judith will mention the Inquisitor "chose a bad time to come knocking," between the corpses and the wyvern. If spoken to after, Judith will acknowledge them as the one who dealt with the undead.
  • Judith has comments on how the undead, the bandits, and the dragon have all affected her trade with passing travelers, even if the undead have been dealt with or the dragon has not yet spawned. Specifically, she mentions that the dragon moved in "a month ago," indicating that it has been a problem (on top of everything else Crestwood has had to deal with) for some time, despite not spawning until after the Inquisitor drains the lake.
  • She notes that in the month it's been here, the dragon has eaten "three horses, five goats, and two cats." This is far fewer than the "hundreds" of animals high dragons have been previously estimated to consume during a ranging. As a note near the dragon's perch indicates offering it "a hundred pounds each morning," these are likely just the animals and livestock that Judith is aware of.
  • Some companions, such as Varric and Sera, comment on her living out [here] all alone. She sarcastically replies, "Oh, you know. The fishing's grand."
  • If Cole is in your party when you meet her, he will talk about her decision to live outside of Crestwood. He implies that she may have been a slave or servant at some point. She calls him a sharp-eyed one.