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I stand for order and discipline, protecting the innocent from magic, but this plan.. it's as mad as Meredith ever was.

Jerran is a former templar from Kirkwall who joined the Qunari and offered them his expertise on lyrium.

Involvement Edit

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for Trespasser.

The Inquisitor encounters Jerran in the Deep Roads. Jerran explains that the Qunari led by Viddasala are mining and processing lyrium in this section of the Deep Roads and giving it to their saarebas. This is a part of their plan called "Dragon's Breath", an invasion that would "save the South". Jerran adds that the place resembles a lyrium spring: the more they mine, the more there seems to be. The Qunari use their explosive powder, gaatlock, to get lyrium without touching it and have no sources of the precious mineral but this site. Jerran suggests obtaining primers from Central Supply and blowing up the mine, having decided this plan is nothing but folly.

The Inquisitor can either kill Jerran or let him go. If he is spared, Qunari orders to capture Jerran can be found later, followed by Jerran's body laying in a pool of blood, surrounded by the corpses of several dead Qunari.

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