What a mess of mud and blood. No resale value at all.

Javaris Tintop is, in his own words, a merchant and investor, based out of Kirkwall. With the Qunari having recently come to Kirkwall, Javaris has been trying to get the Qunari to sell the recipe for an explosive black powder, gaatlok, to him.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age II.

Varric mentions a rumor that Javaris is looking for hired help. Javaris is encountered for the first time at Dead Man's Pass when Hawke rescues him and his mercenary guards from an attack. Impressed by the skill of Hawke and their companions in combat, Javaris asks Hawke to kill Tal-Vashoth outlaws in an effort to appeal to the Arishok, who has refused all previous attempts at barter. Once Hawke destroys the Tal-Vashoth band, Javaris rendezvouses with Hawke at the Qunari Compound at the Docks. However Javaris is unable to persuade the Arishok to sell the formula and the Arishok is more impressed with Hawke than Javaris.

Javaris is encountered by Hawke again in 9:34 Dragon. The Arishok tasks Hawke to track down a Qunari poison, saar-qamek, which he believes to have been stolen by Javaris, assuming it to be the formula for the gaatlok. Hawke learns from a Coterie barker selling Javaris' assets that the dwarf has made a run for it, leaving his debts behind as well and trades Hawke Javaris' likely escape route, Smuggler's Cut, in lieu of repayment. Hawke eventually tracks Javaris down and Javaris claims that he has been framed by an elven fanatic, who has stolen the saar-qamek and blamed Javaris for the theft. With the elf planning on killing him and the Qunari presuming him to be a thief, Javaris had decided to make a run for it. Hawke can either accept Javaris' explanation or execute him.

Trivia Edit

  • If Hawke accepts Javaris' explanation and lets him free, the dwarf will start looting the body of a dead bodyguard. At that moment you can click him to hear several comical lines, the last one breaking the fourth wall.