Jasmine Cutty's Wrap is a medium helmet in Dragon Age II. It requires the Rogue Item Pack DLC content.

Acquisition Edit

Found in a chest at the Hawke Estate or in Gamlen's House

See also Edit

Medium armor green DA2 The Black Fox's JerkinThe Black Fox's Jerkin
Medium chestpiece
Requires: Level 15

Armor: 234
Rune slot Rune slot
+2 to all attributes
+6% critical chance
+5% attack speed
Medium gloves green DA2 The Lion's ClawsThe Lion's Claws
Medium gloves
Requires: Level 13

Armor: 40
Rune slot Rune slot
+2 dexterity
+3% critical damage
Bonus to lockpicking
Medium boots green DA2 Rat Red's LongbootsRat Red's Longboots
Medium boots
Requires: Level 11

Armor: 59
Rune slot
+2% critical chance
+2% attack speed
Bonus to disarm traps