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Well, you picked the wrong side, stranger. It doesn't matter who's king, as long as there's a queen!

Jarvia is a casteless dwarf who is Beraht's second-in-command and a skilled assassin. Jarvia later becomes the head of the Carta.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest Captured
Ico Quest Proving Loyalties
Ico Quest A Paragon of Her Kind

Involvement Edit

Splr dao
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for Dragon Age: Origins.

Jarvia is encountered during the Dwarf Commoner Origin where she works as Beraht's second, and is rumoured to be his lover.

She is not fond of the Dwarf Commoner. Inquiring about Jarvia's relationship with Beraht angers her. After the Dwarf Commoner is caught impersonating Everd, Jarvia is sent to retrieve the Warden and Leske for Beraht to punish personally, smugly gloating over their predicament.

When Beraht is slain shortly afterwards at their hands, Jarvia takes control of the Carta. If of Dwarf Commoner Origin, Leske becomes Jarvia's right-hand man; otherwise, the Warden finds him locked in a cell while hunting her.

During the succession crisis following King Endrin Aeducan's death, Jarvia expanded the Carta's territory, even being so bold as to extend their protection racket into the Orzammar Commons.

Both Prince Bhelen and Lord Harrowmont will task the Warden in eliminating Jarvia and the Carta, in an attempt to gain more sway with the public as well as the Assembly.

Jarvia waits for the Warden's party at the other end of Carta Hideout. There will be a cutscene on entry to her room which inevitably ends in a fight. Several Carta members assist her in the fight in which she is defeated and killed. After her death three casteless dwarves can be found in the Dust Town. If the Warden initiates a conversation with them, they will say that even if Jarvia was not a good person, she at least provided for them. Then they will attack the Warden.


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  • (If the Warden supports Bhelen) "So Bhelen realised his throne means nothing if he can't hold onto it, yet he still doesn't bother to send his own men?"
  • (If the Warden supports Harrowmont) "So Harrowmont finally realised we're taking over the city, yet he still doesn't bother to send his own men?"
Jarvia HoDA

Jarvia in Heroes of Dragon Age'

See also Edit

Dagger green DA2 Jarvia's ShankJarvia's Shank
Red Steel
Requires: Dual Weapon

Damage: (1.6 + 1.68 * LVL) physical damage
((1.85 * DMG) per second)
Rune slot
+(0.9 + 0.09 * LVL) dexterity
+(4.8 + 0.12 * LVL)% critical chance
+(6 + 0.15 * LVL)% critical damage
Improves with level-up
+(75%) damage vs. demons and undead

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