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Isabela's Apology is an Act 2 companion quest for Isabela in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

Isabela's Apology will become available after Hawke completes the Night Terrors quest if Isabela betrayed Hawke.

Walkthrough Edit

Isabela says that she's sorry for abandoning you and that she didn't even get the ship in the end. Here you have two choices, you can forgive Isabela or call her a backstabber.

If you forgive her, she can't believe there's no rant and asks if you're trying to bed her down. There's three choices here and usually one is a romantic option. Regardless of which dialogue option you choose next, you get Friendship small Isabela: friendship (+10).

If you call her a backstabber, you get Rivalry small Isabela: rivalry (+10).

Bugs Edit

  • pcIcon pc 1.03: If no response choices result in a Friendship gain, reloading a prior save may fix the problem.

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