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Irving is the First Enchanter of the Circle of Magi's tower in Ferelden, Kinloch Hold. Irving is a wise man who holds a stern but kind heart. He seems to be a good friend of Wynne and the two show high respect for each other.

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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Irving plays a major role in the Mage Origin, offering comforting advice to the future Warden as they are about to undertake The Harrowing. After completing the test, Irving awards the Magi Warden with a new staff, robes, and ring, and introduces Duncan. Later during Bound in Blood and Magic, the player has the option of working for him to help gather evidence against Jowan, or to deceive him. Even if the player helps Jowan, Irving will forgive them later.

Later, after the battle of Ostagar, Uldred led a revolt and became possessed by a pride demon. During the quest Broken Circle the Warden can read the Irving's journal to learn that Irving admired Uldred's ability to identify blood mages. In the final confrontation of the quest, Irving will be held hostage by Uldred, and can turn into an abomination if you fail to use the Litany of Adralla to save him. If Irving survives the battle, Knight-Commander Greagoir will accept that the Circle was saved, unless the player chooses to advocate for closer investigation, in which case Irving and the other mages are imprisoned and scrutinized further, and the Templars are recruited for the Final Battle.

If the Warden restored the Circle of Magi, Irving can be asked to help Connor by enabling a mage to confront the desire demon using lyrium. You can optionally convince him to go into the Fade: after he initially refuses by telling you that you are asking too much, you can attempt a persuasion check to tell him that he owes you that much and he may agree. The First Enchanter is extremely powerful and comes with a full array of mighty spells. However, like the other mage companions, he will not listen to any of the demon's offers.

Irving's skills/talents in the Fade during The Arl of Redcliffe main quest:
(The Warden is at level 12, while Irving is at level 16.)
If you side with the mages in Broken Circle, Irving will appear as an ally atop the roof of Fort Drakon during the final battle against the Archdemon (PC only). If the Warden is a mage, he will also appear during the Post-Coronation celebrations.

Dragon Age: Asunder Edit

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The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it will not follow some of the player's choices in the games.
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“I spent my time cleaning. Like a servant.” — Shale
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Irving is alive and present at the conclave of the College of Magi in 9:38 Dragon. He is the one who asks Rhys to step in and lead the Aequitarians after the death of Wynne. He is also present at Wynne's funeral.

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Ico ring Ring of ResistanceRing of Resistance
Made for First Enchanter Irving by the Formari, this heavy domed ring has an otherworldly shimmer.

+1 willpower
+1 constitution

Quotes Edit

  • "Every mage must go through this trial by fire. As we succeeded, so shall you."
  • (to Greagoir) "Ah, I'm sure we'll be at each other's throats again in no time."
  • "Since when have you felt so much kinship with the mages, Greagoir? Are you afraid to let the mages out from under Chantry supervision where they can actually use their Maker-given powers?"
  • "Curse whoever insisted the Circle be housed in a tower!"

Trivia Edit

  • As seen in the Magi Origin story, he looks onto the player as his own and even boasts to others that the player is a talented and capable mage. In conversations with the NPCs in the Circle Tower, including Uldred and Duncan, it is implied that the player is Irving's own apprentice.
  • If you attempt to steal from Irving, Knight-Commander Greagoir will stop the Warden, making it impossible to pickpocket him.
  • If you send Irving into the Fade during the Arl of Redcliffe quest, you can make him a blood mage if you have it unlocked and your party is lvl 7 or higher: Irving will have one specialization point which you can use.

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