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Investigate Elven Ruins is a war table scouting operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Triggers when the Inquisitor first travels to the Emerald Graves and has completed Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts.

Operation text Edit

If the Inquisitor has not met Taven in the Emerald Graves:

Inquisition contacts report a group of elves investigating ruins in the Emerald Graves. The ruins may be connected to the Emerald Knights, an order of elven warriors that predates the fall of the Dales. The history contained within would be of great value to the Dalish.

The Emerald Graves has been experiencing unrest of late. If a small delegation met with the elves and offered assistance in their search, it could provide an opportunity for cooperation between the Inquisition and the Dalish, strengthening our reputation with the clans in Orlais.

If the Inquisitor has met Taven in the Emerald Graves:


We have made progress at Din'an Hanin, the tomb of the Emerald Knights. The structure appears more extensive than we had thought. As my Keeper was not interested in his endeavor, perhaps the Inquisition might be willing to aid us? I would hate to return home empty-handed.

I trust the spirit of cooperation would benefit us both – besides, it's rather exciting. I imagine the place must pique your curiosity, as well.


Advisor suggestionsEdit


Not participating in this mission.


Not participating in this mission.

Forces - Costs 5 Power to complete

A few of our soldiers are scouting nearby. We can divert them to the elves' location.


A few of our soldiers met with the elves at Din'an Hanin, the elven ruins in the Emerald Graves. Their leader, Taven, wishes to work with us as a sign of cooperation between the Inquisition and his clan. However, some of his party are wary of our presence – and the Inquisition's intentions. Our interest in strengthening our relationship with the Dalish would appear more genuine if you met with them in person.



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