Inside Job is an Act 2 secondary quest in Dragon Age II, a follow up to The Bone Pit (quest).

Some of Hawke's caravans are being attacked: they must interrogate the traitor, Sabin, in the organization to determine the source of the attacks.

Acquisition Edit

Read Hubert's letter from the Writing Desk and accept his request, then speak to him in Hightown. The letter will only become available after completing the Prime Suspect quest.

Walkthrough Edit

Hubert Edit

You can visit Hubert at his shop in the Hightown marketplace, when he will tell you that he finally had a breakthrough in finding who is behind of these raids. Sabin, a Fereldan miner, was caught leaking information. He also claims that he knows Hawke from Lothering. If you proceed with the quest, Hawke will tell Hubert to bring the traitor to his or her mansion.

Note: You can also tell Hubert that you will be back later. This option is quite important if your group is not ready for a fight because if you accept the quest it will lead to a battle without having the option to modify your party before the fight starts.

Hawke Estate Edit

You appear in your mansion, where Hubert is hitting Sabin. Hawke has the option to ask him to stop or hit Sabin too. Regardless of what you decide to do, Hubert will leave you alone to interrogate Sabin. Then Hawke has 3 options on what to do.

  • Promise to help him if he is cooperative
  • Make him realize that many people died because of his actions
  • A special dialogue choice depending on Hawke's personality:
Diplomatic/Helpful: Hawke can promise Sabin that they will take care of his family
Humorous/Charming: Hawke will persuade Sabin to return the ill-gotten money to Hubert if he wants to make it out of there alive
Aggressive/Direct: Hawke will make him talk by using more violence
Note: If you choose the diplomatic on the first AND second choices, or Hawke has an aggressive personality and you choose the aggressive response on the second choice, then Sabin will mark on your map (Bone Mine area, in a crate marked "Sabin's hidden stash" in the camp area) the location of his stash (about 50DAO silverpiece trans).

Whichever option you pick, Sabin will agree to confess so Hawke leaves and returns with Hubert and Lilley, a member of the Coterie. Sabin will then reveal that the next raid will happen today, in the Dietrich Crossing. Hearing this, Hubert will propose to leave immediately and Lilley will offer to dispose Sabin's dead body on the way out. Hubert agrees and asks Hawke about his opinion.

  • You can agree in killing Sabin
  • You can propose to send him to prison instead
  • A special dialogue choice depending on Hawke's personality can persuade Hubert to let him go. If a humorous Hawke asked Sabin about his money in the previous dialogue, there is an extra choice in letting Sabin go by returning the money to Hubert.
Note: Hubert will agree with any decision you take.

Outside Kirkwall Edit

After you make a choice, the party you had when you firstly talked to Hubert will immediately go to Outside Kirkwall. You will soon find out that you were too late in saving the caravan, so you just attack the bandits along with Lilley. Right after you kill the group that ambushed your supplies, Lilley will recognize one of them as a member of the Coterie that works for Brekker. She will ask you to meet her in Darktown and that she will investigate into the involvement of Brekker.

Darktown Edit

Proceed to Darktown where you will find Lilley's corpse. The Coterie comes up and finds you standing over her dead body and ask you if you're responsible. You can either fight them (210 XP and random loot) or talk to them (no XP or loot).

Note: If you decide to fight them by picking the option "Deserve to die" it will give a Rivalry small Aveline: rivalry (+5) and Rivalry small Varric: rivalry (+5).

Following the diplomatic responses will implicate Brekker's involvement and of Lilley's intent to dig into what he was up to. They will leave to find out what is really going on. Simply proceed to the next marker that's not far from your position, enter Brekker's Hideaway.

Brekker's Hideaway Edit

Brekker expecting Hawke

Brekker expecting Hawke

You will fight 2 groups of Brekker's men (one of which has a Coterie Alchemist as well) before you reach their leader. There is a standard trap (20 Cunning to disarm - 100 XP) before the first group and a complex trap (30 Cunning to disarm - 150 XP) at the stairs with the second group. When you finally find Brekker, you can threaten him to leave your business alone or attack him directly. Either choice results in combat. There are no traps in Brekker's area, but there is a complex chest (30 Cunning to unlock - 150 XP). Kill Brekker, grab the loot, unlock the chest and return to Hubert with the news of all that has transpired.

Notable items Edit

Maul silver DA2 PersuasionPersuasion
Red Steel
Requires: Two-Handed
30 strength

Damage: 26 physical damage
(43 per second)
+82 attack
+8 damage vs. Qunari
  • Inside a chest in the Dietrich Crossing (outside of Kirkwall)
Heavy boots gold DA2 Avvarian War BootsAvvarian War Boots
Heavy boots
Requires: 22 strength
14 constitution

Armor: 49
Rune slot
+26 attack
+2% critical chance
  • Looted off of the corpse of Brekker
Formula Design: Rune of Spirit
  • Inside a red crate after you fight the second group of enemies in Brekker's Hideaway.

Rewards Edit

  • 1000 XP after you get a confession out of Sabin (awarded when arrive at ambush site)
  • (optional) about 210 XP and random loot for fighting the Coterie Thugs in Darktown. You gain nothing for the diplomatic option, except avoiding a fight.
  • You will receive 5DAO goldpiece trans and 1000 XP from Hubert on quest completion.

Result Edit

Hubert will suggest that you visit "your workers" because you seem to be skilled at keeping them happy. Upon visiting them, Jansen will talk to you about a pest infestation at the Bone Pit and ask you to investigate, which opens up the next quest Cave Crawling.