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For the item in Dragon Age II, see Injury Kit (Dragon Age II).

An Injury Kit is a usable item in Dragon Age: Origins. Upon consumption the user instantly regains 20 health and is cured of up to three injuries.


An Injury Kit costs
65DAO silverpiece trans 70DAO bronzepiece trans to craft (using supplies purchased from the least expensive merchants). If used to cure three injuries, its cost is
21DAO silverpiece trans 90DAO bronzepiece trans per injury. Although it saves precious time in the heat of battle, it does cost an extra
4DAO silverpiece trans 50DAO bronzepiece trans per injury cured (
13DAO silverpiece trans 50DAO bronzepiece trans total) in comparison to using lesser injury kits.


Recipe Makes Ingredients Required skill
Rcp ico herbalism 3
Ico injury kit
Injury Kit
Rgt ico elfroot
Rgt ico deepmush
Rgt ico distill agnt
Rgt ico conc agnt
Skl ico herbalism 3

See also: Lesser Injury Kit, Greater Injury Kit.

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