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Characters, including The Warden, that fall in combat receive a debilitating and persistent injury that lowers an attribute (or other statistic, or healing rate) until treated. These injuries can stack, though a character cannot have more than one of each type. To remove injuries, either return to your party camp, benefit from a Spirit Healer's Cleansing Aura (which does not heal its caster's injuries), or apply an injury kit. As with poultices, each kit has a certain level of potency that determines how much damage it's able to repair: Lesser Injury Kits remove a single injury, Injury Kits remove three injuries, Greater Injury Kits remove all injuries.

Note: Taking the wrong item from the chests in the quest Jammer's Stash will also inflict injury.

Possible Injuries Edit

Injury Penalty:
Ico seepingwound Bleeding -5 Health Regeneration
Ico snappedbone Broken Bone -3 Dexterity
Ico disfigured Concussion -4 Magic
Ico coughingblood Coughing Blood +15% Fatigue
Ico crackedskull Cracked Skull -5 Cunning
Ico crushedbone Crushed Arm -1 Damage
Ico disease Damaged Eye -10 Attack
Ico deafened Deafened -10 Defense
Ico gapingwound Gaping Wound -25 Maximum Health
Ico disfigured Head Trauma -3 Willpower
Ico tornflesh Open Wound -25 Nature Resistance
Ico mauled Torn Jugular -3 Constitution
Ico wrenchedlimb Wrenched Limb -20% Attack Speed

Injuries in Dragon Age II Edit

There is only one injury type - temporarily reduced maximum health until the injury is removed. Injuries can be removed with a potion or injury kit by entering the party selection screen and confirming. There is no need to actually change party members.

The maximum number of injuries one character can suffer at the same time depends on the difficulty level.

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