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In Search of Amgarrak is a quest that leads the Warden-Commander and their companion Jerrik Dace to the doors of the long-lost Amgarrak Thaig, where age-old experiments on Caridin's golems have been left to run rampant. This quest is acquired in the start of The Golems of Amgarrak DLC.

Walkthrough Edit

Splr goa
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for Golems of Amgarrak.

You will start off at the start of the Deep Roads Grotto in the company of Jerrik Dace and his Bronto, Snug. After finishing the conversation with him, follow the passageway. You will pass two parties of dead dwarves scattered around triggered traps (loot the corpses for various runes and a bow), and will eventually run into a group of darkspawn. After dispatching them, continue down the passageway to end up in a misty chamber (watch out for the invisible tripwire). After killing a group of shrieks, the mist will shift.

Enter the newly opened chamber to encounter the Runic Golem and receive The Runic Golem quest. After activating the golem (by getting the Golem Control Rod next to the rune anvil shown on the map) enter the outskirts of the Thaig by following the now-opened south-easternmost tunnel.

Note: If you activate Cleansing Aura using the Runic Golem, Jerrik Dace will say "I've never seen a golem do that before".

After witnessing several Fade shifts (which are the work of the Amgarrak Lyrium Wells, encountered later) follow the resulting blue spectre until you will encounter an Elite Boss-level Arcane Horror, as well as an assortment of undead. Jerrik will remark that they are the cause of the strange goings-on.

Finally, the spectre will lead you to the doors of Amgarrak. Jerrik confirms this, and you are now free to enter the thaig.

Result Edit

The Warden gains access to Amgarrak thaig.

Notes Edit

  • If you un-summon, then re-summon the bronto, you will receive a codex update; this can be done where ever and when ever you want.
  • If your Warden is a mage (a non-imported one), it is best not to choose the Flaming Weapons sustainable ability, since your Runic Golem will be able to acquire this spell later on.

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