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Hurlock generals are elite warriors and the leaders of the darkspawn horde.

Involvement Edit

Splr dao
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for Dragon Age: Origins.

During the The Battle of Denerim at the height of the Fifth Blight, two generals fight alongside the horde in Battle of Denerim. One general leads the darkspawn to attack the Denerim Market District while another commands the attack on the Denerim Alienage. One is a Hurlock emissary while the other is a Hurlock alpha.

Another Hurlock general can be found in the ruins of Ostagar during the Return to Ostagar. This Hurlock general is a warrior, and carries Cailan's Breastplate.

Skills Edit

Warrior Edit

Talent 2h criticalstrike Critical Strike
Talent 2h 2hsweep Two-Handed Sweep
Talent 2h mightyblow Mighty Blow
Talent 2h sunderarmor Sunder Armor
Talent 2h sunderarms Sunder Arms
Talent-WarCry icon War Cry
Talent-Rally icon Rally

Mage Edit

Spell-ChainLightning icon Chain Lightning
Spell-GlyphOfRepulsion icon Glyph of Repulsion
Spell-Tempest icon Tempest
Shock icon Shock
Spell-DrainLife icon Drain Life
Spell-MisdirectionHex icon Misdirection Hex
Spell-RockArmor icon Rock Armor

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