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House Saelac is a dwarven house in Orzammar and part of the warrior caste.

Background Edit

The grandfather of Gorim Saelac was a great hero in battles against the darkspawn in the Deep Roads and gave prestige to his house. On top of that, House Saelac is bearing arms for the royal House Aeducan which raised the house to the top of the warrior caste. House Saelac at that time was even nominated to become part of the noble caste, albeit as minor nobility, as it didn't have the right to vote on the Orzammar Assembly.[1] It is not known what happened to the nomination but the house remained as warrior caste.

Gorim Saelac is the second of the Dwarf Noble before his exile to the surface for the death of Prince Trian Aeducan. Furthermore, his father was the second of Endrin Aeducan.[1]

Known members Edit

References Edit

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