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House Meino is a major noble house of Orzammar.

Involvement Edit

During the Dwarf Noble's celebrations for being named commander, Lord Meino along with Lord Bemot head of House Bemot petition the Dwarf Noble's father, King Endrin Aeducan, about trade contracts with Kal-Sharok which could bring significant monetary gains to their Houses. However they are against dwarven traditions so the King of Orzammar refuses to accept their pleas.

House Meino is also known to serve as a patron of Scholar Gertek. If Bruntin Vollney murders the scholar, according to Gorim, House Meino will take action against House Vollney.

Known members Edit

  • Lady Lenka Meino[1]
  • Lord Meino: Head of House Meino.
  • Lord Meino's Youngest Son: During a conversation with Oghren he mentioned that it was impossible for Branka to have survived for so long in the Deep Roads, which Oghren considered as an insult to the Paragon. Eventually they fought a duel to first blood in which Oghren killed the young lord instead.[2]

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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  2. Based on the discussion with Loilinar Ivo.

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