House Harrowmont is one of the oldest noble houses of the dwarves with some saying as old as Orzammar itself.

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No king has ever originated from this house, however during the events of the Fifth Blight it possibly becomes royalty depending on the choices of the Warden during A Paragon of Her Kind quest.[1]

According to Vartag Gavorn, the family of Shaper Czibor is related to House Harrowmont.

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  • Lord Pyral Harrowmont: High-General of Orzammar and head of the house during the events of the Fifth Blight.
  • Lady Tercy Harrowmont: The wife of Lord Pyral Harrowmont.

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  1. Mentioned by Pyral Harrowmont when asked if he will be a better king than Bhelen Aeducan.