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House Dace is one of the major dwarven noble houses of Orzammar.

Background Edit

It seems to be one of the more influential houses of Orzammar, as evidenced by both Lord Pyral Harrowmont's and Prince Bhelen Aeducan's need for House Dace's vote in the Assembly.

House Dace is also a strong ally and friend of the Smith caste.[1]

Known members Edit

Notes Edit

  • The BioWare wiki mentions that Jerrik Dace is the nephew of Lord Anwer Dace which contradicts this codex entry. Furthermore, it mentions that Mandar Dace is the son of Anwer Dace which also contradicts to the established in-game lore. It is not known which one of these versions is correct.
  • Ronus Dace does not have a daughter.[2]

Gallery Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Dragon Age: Origins - The Golems of Amgarrak Edit

References Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 Based on The Crafthall's Wall description.
  2. Mentioned in the first conversation with Ronus Dace.

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