House Dace is one of the major dwarven noble houses of Orzammar.

Background Edit

It seems to be one of the more influential Houses of Orzammar, as evidenced by both Lord Pyral Harrowmont's and Prince Bhelen Aeducan's need for House Dace's vote in the Assembly.

House Dace is also a strong ally and friend of the Smith caste.[1]

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for Dragon Age: Origins.
Prince Bhelen Aeducan will task the Warden to deliver promissory notes to their head of the House in order to prove that Lord Harrowmont is cheating them. Should the Warden follow through with the plan, House Dace will denounce Harrowmont and support Bhelen in the royal succession.
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for Golems of Amgarrak.
At 9:31 Dragon House Dace mounts an expedition led by Brogan Dace to reach Amgarrak Thaig and find out what happened to the dwarves who lived there but most importantly to recover the valuable research. However when Jerrik Dace does not hear back from the expedition he contacts the Warden-Commander of Ferelden for assistance. Together they save Jerrik and discover what happened in Amgarrak.

At 9:41 Dragon the fellow noble House Helmi is trying to mount an expedition to Amgarrak Thaig however their attempts are halted and opposed by House Dace.[2]

Known members Edit

  • Lord Dace: He lived during King Ragnan Aeducan's reign and lost to a proving match from a bare-handed servant of his house. This story is mentioned by Shaper Vortag in a codex entry.
  • Seldrek Dace: Centuries before the Dragon Age, he was presented The Crafthall's Wall for his House's support to the smith caste.[1]
  • Valdan Dace: A Warden-Constable honored in a memorial in the Western Approach.
  • Lord Anwer Dace: House Dace's apparent patriarch, as demonstrated by the need for his approval in order for the House to make an important decision.
  • Lord Ronus Dace: Serves as House Dace's representative during the Dwarf Noble's presentation to the nobility of Orzammar.
  • Lady Dace: Daughter of Lord Anwer, she serves as House Dace's deshyr in the Assembly. She will send the Warden on a mission to bring her father back to Orzammar from the Deep Roads.
  • Mandar Dace: Son of Lord Ronus and heir of the House, he will fight the Dwarf Noble in an honor proving on behalf of House Dace if his father's honor is challenged by the Dwarf Noble.
  • Jerrik Dace: Cousin of Anwer, he appears along with his brother in The Golems of Amgarrak DLC. He is also a possible heir of House Dace.
  • Brogan Dace: Brother of Jerrik.

Notes Edit

  • The BioWare wiki mentions that Jerrik Dace is the nephew of Lord Anwer Dace which contradicts this codex entry. Furthermore, it mentions that Mandar Dace is the son of Anwer Dace which also contradicts to the established in-game lore. It is not known which one of these versions is correct.
  • Ronus Dace does not have a daughter.[3]

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