House Branka is a dwarven noble house, founded by and named after the Paragon Branka. She was elevated to this position for creating a smokeless coal in 9:10 Dragon.[1] A portion of the members of House Branka, are former members of the warrior House Kondrat, because of Branka's husband, Oghren who was part of Kondrat.[2]

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Branka, along with her whole House except Oghren, ventured into the Deep Roads in search of the Anvil of the Void. According to Oghren, the number of dwarves participating in this expedition numbered more than three hundred. Branka effectively destroyed her clansmen by sacrificing them to the darkspawn, or using them to trigger Caridin's traps. Depending on the Warden's actions, the House can be extinct as result of killing the last recognisable member.

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