For the talent in Dragon Age: Origins, see Holy Smite (Origins).

Holy Smite is a warrior talent from the Templar specialization in Dragon Age II.

Information Edit

  • Spirit damage: 2.4x
  • Size: 8m
  • Elemental force: 4x

Upgrades Edit

Holy Smite DA2 Righteous Smite
Requires: Level 11
Requires:Holy Smite
Requires:2 points in Templar
Holy Smite becomes more effective against opponents who depend on magic.

Spirit damage: 200% vs. spellcasters and Fade creatures
Holy Smite DA2 Staggering Smite
Requires: Level 13
Requires:Holy Smite
Requires:3 points in Templar
Holy Smite now has a chance to stun foes, briefly incapacitating them and causing them to forget who they were attacking.

Stun chance: 50% vs. normal enemies

Bugs Edit

  • pcIcon pc Warriors controlled by Tactics may use this as a ranged ability that targets an enemy, rather than a self-target ability. Using it manually will always affect the surrounding area.