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High Keeper Staff Blade is a common staff blade weapon upgrade in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

  • Random Loot.

Available at the following merchants:

Can be found in the following weapons:

  • DAI-stafficon5-common Archmage Ice StaffArchmage Ice Staff
    Common Staff
    Requires: Level 15

    Damage: 46–47 Cold
    +18% Barrier Damage Bonus
  • DAI-stafficon7-common Archmage Lightning StaffArchmage Lightning Staff
    Common Staff
    Requires: Level 14

    Damage: 44–45 Electricity
    +11 Magic
  • DAI-stafficon5-common Battlemage Ice StaffBattlemage Ice Staff
    Common Staff
    Requires: Level 17

    Damage: 52–53 Cold
    +27% Critical Damage Bonus
  • DAI-stafficon1-common Battlemage Lightning StaffBattlemage Lightning Staff
    Common Staff
    Requires: Level 16

    Damage: 49—50 Electricity
    +11% Attack
  • Yavanalis icon DeathwardDeathward
    Unique Staff
    This staff is marked with symbols that loosely translate to "Ever forward, ever deathward." It was the motto of a Mortalitasi sect that saw popularity during the formative years of the Nevarran fascination with death. Its members are said to be "The First," though whether in research or in application is lost to history.
    Requires: Level 11

    Damage: 46-47 Cold
    +10 Constitution
    +9 Willpower
    On Hit: Heal 1% of maximum health
  • KeeperIceStaffIcon Mindchill StaffMindchill Staff
    Rare Staff
    Requires: Level 19

    Damage: 65-67 Cold
    +16% Attack
    +15% Critical Damage Bonus
    2% chance to cast Mind Blast on a hit
  • DAI-stafficon1-common Seer Fire StaffSeer Fire Staff
    Common Staff
    Requires: Level 17

    Damage: 52–53 Fire
    +16% Attack
  • KeeperIceStaffIcon Sorcerer's StaffSorcerer's Staff
    Rare Staff
    Requires: Level 18

    Damage: 61–63 Fire
    +25 Willpower
    On kill: +20 to Magic for 10 seconds
  • KeeperIceStaffIcon Staff of the FiredrakeStaff of the Firedrake
    Rare Staff
    Requires: Level 15

    Damage: 52–53 Fire
    +20 Damage vs. Dragons
    +17 Willpower
  • Tempest staff icon TempestTempest
    Unique Staff
    The Lady of the Skies reigns over the sky and the dead, and the Avvar lay out bodies to her, to be buried in the air itself. The ice and snow are her gifts, defending her people from invaders, and her protective rage is merciless.
    Requires: Level 12

    Damage: 49–50 Cold
    +10 Spirit Damage
    +5% Critical Chance
    +6% Heal on Kill
    +9 Willpower

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