The Hidden Hollow is a cavern sealed deep within the earth.

Involvement Edit

Hidden Hollow Map

Hidden Hollow Map

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for Trespasser.
The Hidden Hollow is visited by the Inquisitor via an Eluvian during the Exalted Council.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI Trespasser

Notable items Edit

The following can be obtained within a sealed chest guarded by two Despair demons and a Rage demon.

  • Unique amulet icon The Eye That WeepsThe Eye That Weeps
    Unique Amulet
    This amulet is heavy for its size, and the metal is clammy and sticks jealously to the flesh. The gem in the center contains a liquid that glowers a sluggish red in bright light. Condensation slowly forms on the gem's outer surface, no matter how many times it's wiped clean.

    +10% Attack
    The following stacking bonus is granted on ability usage:
    *2 Pieces: +10% Attack Speed
    *3 Pieces: +10% Movement Speed
    *4 Pieces: 1% Heal on hit
    Set: The Taken Shape

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