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Hevara is a revered mother of the Chantry.

Involvement Edit

Splr dai
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for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In the wake of the Breach and the deaths of Divine Justinia V and other Chantry leaders who attended the conclave at the Temple of Sacred Ashes, Revered Mother Hevara attempts to hold the crumbling Chantry together in Val Royeaux. Fearing the intentions of the reborn Inquisition, Hevara was one of the loudest voices to denounce it, and the Herald of Andraste, as heretical.

When the Inquisition sought to enter Val Royeaux and negotiate with the remaining Chantry clerics for their support, Hevara saw an opportunity to put an end to the Inquisition and cement her own bid for the Sunburst Throne of the Divine. She issued an order recalling the rogue Seekers of Truth and Templar Order to the city; Lord Seeker Lucius Corin heeded her call and brought with him a large contingent of Templars. When the Herald arrived, Hevara ordered the Herald's arrest in front a gathered crowd at the Summer Bazaar. Contrary to obeying, however, the Lord Seeker had one of his men knock Hevara down before insulting her and proclaiming that Val Royeaux was undeserving of Templar protection before storming off with his troops.

Even after her humiliation, some people in Val Royeaux still believed that Hevara was the most likely to become the next Divine, as the Breach had eliminated all of the most obvious successors.

If The Chantry Remains is completed with Josephine and subsequently the The University of Orlais is completed:

After the debacle at the Summer Bazaar with the Templars, Revered Mother Hevara attempts to ameliorate tensions with the University of Orlais, even apologizing to the Chancellor in person.

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