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Heraldry From a Herald is a romance-specific advisor quest for Josephine in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Josephine has long wished to see an example of her family's ancestral crest, which has been impossible to come by since the Montilyets' exile from Orlais.

Acquisition Edit


The location of the merchant in Val Royeaux


  1. Initiated the romance with Josephine.
  2. Have talked with Josephine about her parents being Orlesian.

Walkthrough Edit

Complete the war table operation Find the Old Montilyet Family Crest.

Once the operation is complete, go to the Summer Bazaar in Val Royeaux and purchase the Montilyet Family Crest from the merchant Barnabus. The item is found in the "Others" category and costs nothing.

Return to Josephine in Skyhold.

Results Edit

The Inquisitor earns Josephine's gratitude and the crest-bearing boat becomes a permanent decoration on her office table.

Trivia Edit

  • The Montilyets' first motto is engraved underneath the crest: "From sea to shore, we tame the waves."

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