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A place for all in service here,
To rest, recoup, and persevere,
Though weighs the heart, remember best,
Your saving grace, the Herald's Rest
 ―Plaque in the tavern

Herald's Rest is a tavern located in Skyhold. It becomes available once the Inquisition assumes control of the fortress.

Involvement Edit


Herald's Rest sign

The Herald's Rest tavern is a place for soldiers and other members of the Inquisition to gather for relaxation. It is also the location of certain companions, offering a place in which the Inquisitor can engage with them in private. There are three levels to the tavern, with a companion found on each one.

The tavern employs a bard, Maryden Halewell, and through the course of the Inquisition's journey, her songs change in accordance with various events and decisions made by the Inquisitor.

Characters Edit

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Take Back the Sky: A Tavern Cheer

Other texts Edit

Text ico The Herald's Rest (Plaque)
Text ico Sera's Cabinet of Wonder Whose It Was
Text ico Tavern Notice (Skyhold)

Songs Edit

Gallery Edit

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