Helm of the Vanguard is a medium helmet in Dragon Age II. It requires the Rogue Item Pack II DLC.

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Heavy armor green DA2 Arms of the River DaneArms of the River Dane
Medium chestpiece

Armor: 98
Rune slot Rune slot
+5% critical chance
+13% critical damage
+8% magic resistance
Medium gloves green DA2 Freeman's GauntletsFreeman's Gauntlets
Medium gloves
Requires: Level 6

Armor: 21
Rune slot
+1 to all attributes
+1% critical chance
Heavy boots green DA2 The River TrudgersThe River Trudgers
Medium boots
Requires: Level 9

Armor: 42
Rune slot
+1 dexterity
+2% critical chance
+5% critical damage
Immunity to stun

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