Heart of the Forest is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. It is a sub-quest of A Master's Work. In the Wending Wood you can find Heartwood from the Old One, a wild sylvan. Bring the Heartwood to Wade with four other items and he will craft either a shield or a bow.

Walkthrough Edit

After collecting the Heartwood from the Old One in the Wending Wood, return to Vigil's Keep and speak with Wade. He can craft an item from the Heartwood but needs some extra materials. You need to bring him:

Icon heartwood HeartwoodHeartwood
Plot item
A large piece of wood found in the core of a mighty sylvan.
Taken from a boss, The Old One
Tre ico fancyvase OilOil
Plot item
This oil is rancid, useless both in cooking or for a lamp.
Found in the Crown and Lion Inn; as soon as you enter it is in the room on your right.
Icon catgut CatgutCatgut
Plot item
A length of leathery cord for which a craftsman has many uses.
Found on a dead mabari dog in the Blackmarsh.
Tre ico ruby Flawless RubyFlawless Ruby
Rubies of such perfect cut and quality are exceedingly rare.
Bought from Master Henley in the City of Amaranthine, or found on the corpse of the Golem master in Kal'Hirol.
Ru charged grandmaster Grandmaster Lightning RuneGrandmaster Lightning Rune
Weapon Rune
This symbol is the old Tevinter rune for tempest.

+5 Electrical Damage
Must be crafted (from 2 x Master Lightning Rune, 1 x Blank runestone, 4 x Etching Agent - see Runecrafting) or carried over from a character imported from Dragon Age: Origins.

Once all the materials are gathered, return to Wade where he will give you a choice for either a longbow or kite shield, both of which are tier 9.

Rewards Edit

IconeHeartwoodShield Heartwood ShieldHeartwood Shield
Kite shield
Ancestral Heartwood (Tier 9)
Requires: 48 strength

Fatigue: 4.16%
Strength modifier: 1.00
+15 defense
+10% nature resistance
Chance to avoid missile attacks
+20 physical resistance
Absorbs damage


Heartwood Bow Heartwood BowHeartwood Bow
Ancestral Heartwood (Tier 9)
Requires: 44 dexterity

Damage: 10.80
Critical chance: 1.80%
Armor penetration: 11.00
Strength modifier: 1.00
+5 dexterity
+5 cunning
Rapid aim
+5% ranged critical chance
+6 attack
  • 250 XP

Notes Edit

  • The Heartwood Shield has the largest Absorbs damage property of any shield at -15%.
    • For Arcane Warriors using weapon-and-shield, the Landsmeet Shield may be more suitable than obtaining the Heartwood Shield. Although its stats are slightly inferior to the Heartwood Shield, the Landsmeet Shield grants 50 extra mana plus 30% protection against electricity damage, which drains mana.
  • If you obtain the Heartwood and return to Master Wade before completing one of the main plot quest lines, Wade will have a quest "arrow" over his head but will not discuss the heartwood. This is because the entire A Master's Work questline will only become available after completing any one of the main plot quests.
  • This quest must be completed before Vigil Keep is attacked, as Master Wade will be unselectable thereafter.
  • If not planning on using either weapon, the shield is worth over twice as much as the bow.

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