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Hayder is a former crew member of Isabela's ship, the Siren's Call, and eventually one of Castillon's henchmen.

Background Edit

Hayder and Isabela previously worked for Castillon together and, according to Isabela, Hayder never liked her. They worked for Castillon in Antiva.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age II.

Hayder has been sent to forcibly inquire about the location of a relic. A duel between him and Isabela is arranged though he attempts to ambush her, setting Isabela's recruitment quest, Fools Rush In, in motion.

He is confronted in the Kirkwall Chantry by Hawke's group and Isabela, where it is possible to inquire as to why he is after the former pirate captain. In the end, he is killed.

Trivia Edit

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