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If you return to the village of Haven after completing the Urn of Sacred Ashes, a graveyard (previously not accessible) becomes available behind one of the buildings in the lower village. The gravestones have entertaining messages from the development team:

  • "The LHC did it..."
  • "In memory of Andrew Farrell, captain of the Ostagar tower guard, and champion of the Lothering Brew Fest."
  • "Here lies a man with few regrets and many ailments."
  • "Tombed in the earth of this grave."
  • "Great-great-great grandfather Gygax."
  • "Building 7."
  • "TODO: Needs writing pass."
  • "I've got nothing."
  • "In loving memory of multiplayer."
  • "Horses, capes, barbarians... R.I.P."
  • "Jim "I can do axes too" the sword swallower."
  • "In memory of John Doe, human commoner."
  • "Jennifer Hepler: Queen of the dwarves."
  • "T.O. Hanoi: Unloved, unmourned."
  • "In memory of Aluvian Darkstar, who fought the darkspawn horde relentlessly for four years."
  • "I told you I was sick."
  • "In memory of our thane, Kenneth. Bastard."
  • "In memory of the Lohs, forever frozen in never-ending winter nights."
  • "A Ferret by any other name--would he still stink?"
  • "Questing for Blackrock Sword. Be back soon.--MB."
  • "Poor Elbrun: She couldn't even make it as a male blacksmith."
  • "Waiting to respawn...9... 8..."
  • "Sensal Gaheris, 775-798, 798-801, 801-805, 805-807, 807-808 (VERIFIED), "BEST TAX EVADER EVER"--CH"
  • "In memory of Chris, who died in a crunch."
  • "He wanted a mabari. I said keep it fed, and he didn't listen. Now he's here."
  • "Here lies spam. Good riddance, and may you never haunt us again."
  • "Cori May: Here I stay."
  • "Sheryl was not buried here, she was cremated."
  • "Fell through the world at 1034, 7432."
  • "Post hoc ergo propter hoc."
  • "Here lies Clyde. His life was full."
  • "In memory of Markus, of the Grey Gardens. We didn't even know who he was or where he was from."
  • "Mary Tudge: "Always take the high road."
  • "Once they have you, Hip deep in the mad Nugs, Our screams deafen their keen ears, We will be nug poop."
  • "Ross Gardner: Fearless, hairy and thoroughly exhausted."
  • "Made it through greenlight approval--took a bit longer than expected.--Ray."
  • "Someone get this rock off me."
  • "In memory of Jessica, master croqueteer. She died in the upper Blattmosphere."
  • "In memory of Andy, peperony, and chease."