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For the spells in other games, see Haste (Origins) and Haste (Inquisition).

Haste is a mage spell from the Creation tree in Dragon Age II.

Information Edit

  • Attack speed: +50% for all party members

Upgrade Edit

Haste DA2 Great Haste
Requires: Level 11
Haste now lasts significantly longer.

Duration: +10s

Notes Edit

  • Haste stacks with itself when cast by Hawke and Anders, providing an impressive +100% attack speed bonus.

Bugs Edit

  • Even though Haste is a buff spell, it is affected by your party's magic resistance. So, if your characters have high magic resistance, it will wear off very quickly.[1] The bug was fixed in patch 1.03 (PC) for Nightmare difficulty. All other difficulties remain affected.[confirmation needed]

References Edit

  1. BSN [1] . The BioWare Forum.

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