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Harrowmont Fanatics are dwarves that are loyal to Lord Pyral Harrowmont and fanatically want him to succeed in becoming the next King of Orzammar, and therefore will even attack the Warden should they publicly side with Prince Bhelen Aeducan.

Notes Edit

  • The Harrowmont Fanatics are mostly melee fighters, accompanied by a few ranged attackers.
  • Bhelen Fanatics show up instead if you side with Lord Harrowmont.
  • If you do not wipe out the fanatics in any of the three places that are encountered before the end of A Paragon of Her Kind, it is possible to end up fighting a massive group of both Harrowmont and Bhelen Fanatics in that place if you publicly side with one candidate but give the crown to the other candidate at the end of the aforementioned quest line. Strangely enough, they will not fight each other and immediately attack you as one group, indicating that this is a bug.

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