Hakkon's Charge is a warrior ability for Amund in Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer.

Information Edit

  • Damage: 90% weapon damage
  • Cooldown time: 15 seconds
  • Cost: 5 stamina per second
  • Guard generated per enemy: 10%
  • Inflicts chill: 6 second duration
  • Triggers Ice Smash for Korth's Might

Upgrades Edit

Ico SkyW ColdShoulder Swift Winds
Requires: Hakkon's Charge
Hakkon's Charge has a reduced cooldown time and costs less stamina.

Cooldown Reduction: 5 seconds
Stamina cost per second reduced by: 5
Damage Bonus: 55% weapon damage

Notes Edit

  • The name of this ability refers to Hakkon Wintersbreath, one of the Avvar deities.