Hadley is the Knight-Captain of the Circle Tower, in Ferelden at Kinloch Hold, second only to the Knight-Commander.

Background Edit

An amicable fellow, he commands the templars in the Circle Tower while Knight-Commander Greagoir is absent.

Involvement Edit

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“"Do not follow me," I said, and slipped into the shadows.” — Morrigan
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The Warden-Commander is welcomed into the Circle Tower by him upon entering while they are In Search of Morrigan, as Gregoir is presently away.

He can later be found standing near Sandal, and explains that Sandal is residing in the Tower while Bodahn Feddic is in Denerim. He also says that Sandal has taught the Tranquil much about the process of enchantment.

He holds the key to the Circle Tower's basement, which has been locked due to the sentinels going rampant. If asked, he will hand over the key and permit entry at the Warden-Commander's own peril.

After having spoken with the statue, Hadley can be spoken to again for a reward of 3DAO goldpiece trans as gratitude for sealing the Veil tears which had caused the Sentinels to malfunction.