Don't stare at me, churl. I can have my father send you south to fight darkspawn, you know.

Habren Bryland is the daughter of Arl Leonas Bryland of South Reach, having turned fifteen during the events of the Fifth Blight.

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Her father has been having increasing trouble with her and rumour has it that she has been buying a new puppy every week. No one knows what happens to the old ones. She has come to Denerim with her father and, while he talks politics with Bann Alfstanna in the Gnawed Noble Tavern, the Warden can find her in the Denerim Market District, enjoying the quality of the Orlesian silks there, something that South Reach lacks.

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Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Any party member with the stealing skill can steal:

Tre ico tiara TiaraTiara
A golden tiara adorned with a single gem.

The Darkspawn Chronicles Edit

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“A human lord hunts us, Vanguard. Show him what we know of death.” — The Archdemon
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Habren is one of the civilians that the Hurlock Vanguard may kill as part of Massacre in the Market quest.

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  • "Be careful with that package, you lazy slut, it's worth more than you'll make in ten years."
  • "It's so nice to be in civilization! You can't buy Orlesian silks anywhere in South Reach!"

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