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Guilty Pleasures is a companion quest for Cassandra in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

It seems Cassandra really likes Varric's book Swords & Shields. And she's caught up. And the book's unfinished. See Varric about getting the last chapter for Cassandra.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is obtained after speaking to Cassandra in Skyhold. The scene which triggers the quest requires a certain amount of approval from Cassandra. See her approval page for more information.

Walkthrough Edit

Cassandra reveals to the Inquisitor that she is reading, and is a fan of, the novel series "Swords and Shields," written by none other than Varric Tethras. She would like to have the next issue from him, without personally asking for it.

Upon accepting this quest, the Inquisitor need only venture over to where Varric stands, at the entrance to the main hall and request the book from him in conversation. Varric will discuss the poor reception of the book series and his shock that someone actually likes it, and that Cassandra is one of those interested people. After agreeing to the stipulation that Varric must be present when the book is given to Cassandra, the Inquisitor then returns to Cassandra and initiates a conversation.

Companion Approval Edit

There are no approval changes for any dialogue choice not listed

Cassandra: It's one of Varric's tales. Swords & Shields. The latest Chapter.

  • You don't need to hide it. -
    DAIApproval Cassandra Slightly Approves
  • So you've read them all?
  • Why waste your time? -
    DAIApproval Cassandra Slightly Disapproves

No further approval changes

Varric: I must have heard that wrong.  It sounded like you just said that Cassandra read my books.

  • She's a big fan. -
    DAIApproval Varric Slightly Approves

Varric: That book is easily the worst I've ever written. The last issue barely sold enough to pay for the ink.

  • It can't be that bad. -
    DAIApproval Varric Slightly Approves
  • Cassandra seems to like it. -
    DAIApproval Varric Approves
  • No wonder she was embarrassed. -
    DAIApproval Varric Slightly Disapproves
After Cassandra accepts the book -
DAIApproval Cassandra Greatly Approves

Rewards Edit

128 XP, 80 Influence

Trivia Edit

  • During the events of Dragon Age II, during one of the party banters that occurs between Aveline and Varric, it is revealed that Varric is writing a book series about Aveline's adventures as a Guard Captain. Initially refusing, Aveline eventually agrees upon hearing of the series popularity.
    • During this quest, though, when requesting the book from Varric, it is learned that despite telling Aveline that it was popular, it was actually the opposite.
  • The character on the front cover of the book strongly resembles Aveline.

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