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Guests of the Hold is a side quest in the Jaws of Hakkon DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Though guest status has been granted, it will take some effort for Stone-Bear Hold to view the Inquisition as a trusted friend.

Acquisition Edit

Speak to Thane Svarah Sun-Hair after Avvar Allies.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Earn 5 points of approval to impress Stone-Bear Hold. Completing the following quests/war table operations grants the following:
Quest icon DAI It Remains to be Seen - 1 Point
Quest icon DAI In Exile - 1 Point
Quest icon DAI Up and Away - 1 Point
Quest icon DAI Hakkon's Trials - 1 Point
Quest icon DAI A Father's Name - 0 or 1 Point (you get no points if you choose to help Finn)
Quest icon DAI Send Skywatcher to Stone-Bear Hold - 1 Point
Quest icon DAI Send Relics of Tyrdda Bright-Ax - 1 Point

Note: Even if you get enough points to complete this quest, you cannot "turn it in" until after you complete Hakkon Wintersbreath.

Rewards Edit

  • 10,526 XP
  • 2,000 Influence
  • 3 Power

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