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Guardian of Mythal is a colossal fire elemental High dragon residing in the Arbor Wilds, south of the Dales in Orlais. The spectacular beast tends to reside near the Altar of Mythal, which it is allegedly bound to protect, supposedly at the bidding of the Elven goddess, Mythal herself.

Stats Edit

Cold Vulnerability
Immunity: All Disabling Effects
Greater Fire Resistance

Involvement Edit

Splr dai
“Whatever we were before, we are now the Inquisition.” — The Inquisitor
This article contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Click here to reveal them.
If the Inquisitor drinks from the Well of Sorrows at the Temple of Mythal, they will travel to the Altar of Mythal to commune with the goddess. The Guardian of Mythal is summoned so that it may match Corypheus' Red lyrium dragon in battle. First however the Inquisitor must prove they are worthy by defeating the great beast in battle. The Inquisitor manages to tame the Guardian and it fights alongside them during the final confrontation with Corypheus but is slain during the fight.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI The Final Piece
Quest icon DAI Doom Upon All the World

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